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Charmy’s Coin Show Reports

The following are links to my Coin Show Reports from various coin shows that I attend throughout the country.  These reports are also posted on the PCGS Coin Forum/Message Board:

Charmy’s 2022 FUN COIN SHOW REPORT w/tons of Pics!

Sorry this is a bit late, it’s been a very busy week trying to dig out since I returned from the FUN show. IT was a really great show, and I was very busy with both sales and purchases. I worked hard trying to find coins for my customers as well as to fill holes in my inventory. The market is still quite strong, especially the penny market which remains very popular. Nice quality better dates have been harder and harder to find and are getting very strong prices. In some cases, I’ve been having to pay over the PCGS guide prices just to acquire quality key and semi-key dates. In any event, it was a very active show and from all accounts, very successful!

As with every FUN show I’ve attended, I was very excited to be once again participating in this show as it’s always the best show of the year!

I left beautiful sunny Orange County for Orlando on Sunday since I had some pre-show business to take care of. For those of you who are interested in the aerial photos, planes take off from the John Wayne airport and fly up very fast to help with noise abatement, then they level off and (depending on winds) usually head west over the ocean before they turn around and head back east (or north or south), again to minimize noise over very expensive houses. There’s also a curfew so no planes can take off or land before 7am or after 11pm.

I flew over the Rockies, and changed planes in Dallas – they still had their Christmas decorations up at the airport. I was very pleased that I had no flight delays or cancellations and my trip was smooth sailing!

Then it was on to warm 80 degree Orlando, even at 8:30pm when I landed! I stayed at the Hilton which was connected to the convention center and was supposedly the closest hotel to the North Concourse. The hotel was beautiful and not very busy when I arrived.

So Monday morning I took my bags across the connecting walkway to the convention center. It was a gorgeous day!

When I entered the convention center, I was told the North Concourse was on the complete opposite side from where the walkway connected to the convention center and that you had to go down the elevator, outside and walk all the way around the entire convention center (there was no way to get to the North Concourse through the convention center). Boy, I wasn’t expected to have to drag those bags that far – I’m guessing it was about a mile all together – but I did and was so glad when I finally arrived at the security room and could stow those heavy bags! Had I known how far it was, I definitely would have taken an Uber! Now I was free to do my business, go out to dinner, etc., without worrying about my bags. I also spent some time on Tuesday at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa since I basically had that day all to myself.

Set up for the dealers was Wednesday at 2pm so I again walked the mile or so over the convention center, but this time I didn’t have to lug my heavy bags with me. I checked in at registration, got my bags and waited along with a throng of other dealers for the doors to open!

Before many dealers arrived!

It didn’t take long for all the dealers to crowd around the escalators and the elevators!

Set up was quick for me, then I wondered around the bourse floor to start buying coins. It was great to see many folks I hadn’t seen in two years! I found quite a few Pretty Pennies to fill in gaps in my inventory, as well as some for my customers. These are all the coins I bought throughout the show!

I brought a nice bottle of my favorite Rombauer which I had up in my room, as well as two wonderful bottles of Del Dotto – a Sangiovese and a Cab – that I shared throughout the show. The Del Dotto was amazing, and me and my customers and dealer friends really enjoyed both bottles!

That night a group of us went to Maggiano’s for dinner and enjoyed some more scrumptious wine! Maggiano’s is right across from the Crooked House tourist attraction.

Ron Mirr, Greg Allan, Me, Neil Ulrich

The show opened to the public on Thursday morning at 10 am, so I arrived early to take some photos and also to process the coins that I had purchased the day before.

Me and by buddy Abe!

Not long after the show opened, a loud buzz filled the room – it was really great to hear that buzz because it meant there was a lot of business going on!

I soon became very busy, and forgot to take photos of some of the folks who stopped by. However, I did get these two:


Gabriel Green/Quality Rare Coins

This is Stewart Bley’s amazing collection!

PCGS was set up right across from Stewart’s booth – they had a “lounge” set up so customers could fill out their forms without taking away from others who were all ready with their submissions.

The day seemed to just fly by, but of course I did manage to have some of my Del Dotto wine, and shared it with a couple of folks who stopped by. Then it was time to head out to dinner. This time we went over to Delmonico’s with my good friends Karl and Joanne Stephens and Al Boulanger (foreign coin dealers).

We started off with a really nice Cakebread Chardonnay, then had a tasty bottle of Prisoner Cab that went well with my scrumptious Marsala steak and pasta! Delmonico’s was very popular among the dealers as there were a few other tables filled with dealers from the show. And I can see why it was popular, the food was delicious and so was the wine!

The restaurant had some great cartoon drawings on all the walls

Friday morning I again arrived early so I could take some more photos around the bourse and get some more work done before the public was let in.

The PCGS table (that’s Tom Reynolds submitting coins)

David Lange and the NGC folks

ANACS folks

Tony at Northern Nevada Coins

Wizard had a huge area full of supplies in the back of the room!

There were a lot of great exhibits this year – here are some that I found interesting:

This is a plaque showing the past People’s Choice winners (you’ll note lil’ ol’ me is on the list under 2014!)

David Lawrence Rare Coins had an amazing display of coins from the D.L. Hansen collection

When 10am rolled around, there was once again quite a crowd of folks who streamed in!

Once again, the bourse floor became very active very quickly!

Steve Feiertag/Winesteven stopped by to say hi

Me and my copper weenie bff Greg Hannigan/Coin Cube Trading

Greg and his beautiful wife Cecelia

Greg also brought over a great bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle cab from the Washington area – Greg is such a generous sweetheart!

Speaking of sweethearts – here’s one of the BIGGEST sweethearts in the world – Dino Koromvokis

And this is one of the hardest working women in numismatics – Mary Lynn Garrett

My foreign coin dealer friend Al Boulanger brought over a nice bottle of 2014 Syrah to share with me

It happened to be my friend Karl Stephens’ birthday so his boothmates got him a cake and champagne to celebrate!

That night a bunch of folks from Coin Cube Trading got together at Spencer’s Steakhouse for dinner – left front going back and back RT to the front: Cecelia Hannigan RC, Greg Hannigan RC, Mark Borckardt, Pierre Fricke, David Huang’s friend Eric Lindholm, David Huang, Joyce Fricke, Dino Koromvokis, me, Isaiah Hageman.

I splurged and had this very yummy steak and lobster tail, though I could only eat not even half of it.

And I shared this tasty dessert with Dino

Suddenly, it was Saturday, my last day! I had an 8am meeting so I had to pack up and get to the convention center early. After the meeting, I “manned” my table and worked on a few things before the public was let in. I was surprised by how many people were at the show, and there seemed to be more families than usual which was great! I ended up doing quite a bit of business, but soon it was time to pack up and head to the airport. I was entertained by a beautiful sunset as we headed out of Orlando!

I was very tired but very happy to be headed home after a long busy week!

As always, I was very glad to be home with my hubby and my chubby Penny!

That’s about it – next up – the San Jose Coin Show, the Long Beach Show, and the Vegas Show!


Charmy’s November 2021 BALTIMORE SHOW REPORT w/lots of Pics!

It’s been two years since the last Baltimore show was held so there was lots of excitement and anticipation before this show – and the show did not disappoint! Lori and her team did an amazing job promoting the show, making sure things ran smoothly and the dealers had what they needed. As many of you know, quality coins have been hard to find and buy “reasonably” this past year so I didn’t buy as much as I usually do at the large shows. Some coins I really liked were selling for quite a bit more than usual retail prices which isn’t surprising right now. I did most of my buying before the show at the dealer trading room and found some very nice pieces to add to my inventory. I also found a few neat pennies during the show, including a gorgeous 25% red 1955/55 DDO PCGS MS64+ BN and a beautiful tough to find 1877 PCGS AU58. I was busy for most of each day and overall sales were really good. The best part for me was that I got to see some of my dealer buddies who I haven’t seen in two years, especially the group that attended our Black Olive dinner event on Friday night!

So that’s the “market” side of my show report and, as Laura put it a while back, here’s the “fluffy pancake” part of my Baltimore show report! You’ll see pics of some coins, but mostly pics of coin people, local food and great wine. So if this bothers you – no biggie – simply close this link and move on. 😉

This is me on the plane very happy to be going to another coin show and looking forward to seeing all my friends!

On Tuesday, when I left Orange County, it was a beautiful sunny morning, and I finally got to Baltimore late Tuesday night. The airport was quite deserted, but luckily I have a regular driver that picks me up/drops me off whenever I’m in Baltimore.

Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous in Baltimore, surprisingly warm and sunny! Several dealers set up in a room in the convention center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the Baltimore show for dealer-to-dealer business. So first thing Wednesday I headed over to the convention center to do some pre-show business and found several nice pennies – and sold a few pieces as well.

I also stopped by Stacks lot viewing

Some dealers not set up in the dealer room like to do a little trading outside the dealer room.

Security opened up at noon so after I was finished with my business, I dropped my bags off and headed over to the Horseshoe Casino for a few hours before table holder set up which was at 5pm.

At 5pm, there was quite a crowd of dealers waiting in the lobby to set up their booths and start the wheeling and dealing!

After I finished setting up, I walked around the floor hunting for coins to fill in my inventory and for customer want lists. I was pleased to find a few more coins. These are the Pretty Pennies I picked up at the dealer trading room, as well as some pieces I bought throughout the show

That evening, a group of us went to LP Steamers for dinner. In case you’re not familiar with this super casual seafood restaurant, they are known for their crab legs, shrimp, and other fresh seafood platters. They serve you a platter of crab legs with a hammer and a bucket and you go from there. When you’re through and it comes time to clean up the table, they just pick up the plastic table cloth along with all the crab shells, etc. and throw it in the trash, then lay down a new table cloth for the next customers. Here are pics of some of the dishes we had.

In the morning, the show opened up to dealers and early birds only until noon. Many dealers who had arrived late Wednesday began their set up that morning. These are some pics from around the bourse floor before the public was let in at noon.

Here are pics of a couple of very friendly guys who dropped by to say hi.

Jeff Shumar

John Feigenbaum

Thursday was really busy and it was great to see some of my regular Baltimore customers at the show. Sales were pretty steady throughout the day, and I even managed to pick up that 1955/55 DDO PCGS MS64+ BN that I mentioned earlier. Also, one of my favorite exonumia dealer friends stopped by and showed me this beautiful encased penny pocket mirror he found and knew I would like for my personal collection, which of course I did! I currently have about 40 various Indian and Lincoln cent pocket mirrors in my collection. In addition to my penny teapots, they are one of my favorite types of penny exonumia to collect. I was very pleased to add this quite scarce Illinois penny pocket mirror to my collection.

Later in the afternoon, I opened this super delicious bottle of Justin Isosceles that I brought with me. It is an especially delicious wine from Paso Robles and, in my humble opinion, probably the best wine in that area of Central Coastal California vineyards.

After the show ended, we tried a new Italian restaurant, La Tavola, which was recommended to us by some other dealer friends.

Even though I am not an oyster fan, the folks I was with very much enjoyed them!

And of course we enjoyed this nice bottles of chianti

Friday morning I arrived pretty early at the show – these are some folks waiting in the lobby.

Before the show opened to the public I took a few minutes to walk the floor and took more pics

The very friendly and helpful folks at NGC

And the PCGS folks who are just as friendly and helpful

Lori (from Whitman) who never stopped running around taking care of whatever needed to be taken care of throughout the entire show!

Another very hard-worker and a heck of a nice dealer – Gary Adkins

Brian Alty (Northeast Numismatics and fellow wine enthusiast) and Allie Byers (Scofield Auctions and fellow ANA Summer Seminar buddy)

Dino Koromvokis, my bff birthday twin, and his beautiful wife Lisa

Random pics around the bourse on Friday

A few other coin forum folks stopped by to say hi

Jaelus and Joe


Another guy stopped by my table and showed me another piece of penny exonumia he thought I would like for my collection – which I did! I have several different types of pop-out (repousse) pennies, including pins, cufflinks, watch fobs, buttons, etc. This stick pin is made out of a Lincoln cent (with a patent tag on the back). I was very happy to add it to my collection!

Friday afternoon I opened the other bottle of wine I brought to the show, a Doffo Zinfandel from Temecula. This vineyard is owned by a motorcycle enthusiast who displays his motorcycles at his vineyard. My hubby (who is NOT a wine guy) and I and some friends went to this vineyard and of course, he and my friend’s hubby went straight for the motorcycles while my friend and I tasted their delicious wines. I gave tastes of this wine to my table neighbors, Brian, and a couple other dealer friends and they all agreed it was an excellent Zinfandel.

And in case you’re interested, here is the Doffo story about his motorcycle venture from their website:

“The Doffo family’s passion for motorcycles can be traced back to Marcelo’s childhood in Argentina, where he first fell in love with the imported European motorcycles that were becoming popular at the time. Marcelo moved to the United States in the mid 1970s and eventually opened an auto body shop, Doffo Auto Body, with his brother, Jorge Doffo. Here his eye for perfection was put to good use and he developed his skills as a restorer. After establishing Doffo Winery, Marcelo set out on a quest to find and restore those very motorcycles that mesmerized him as a child. In the years since, the MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection has grown to include nearly 200 motorcycles and scooters from around the world and attracts moto enthusiasts and wine lovers alike to the MotoDoffo Barrel Room housed on the winery grounds.”

And as I mentioned above, for me the highlight of every Baltimore show is our dinner event at the Black Olive in Fells Point with my foreign coin dealer friends! In case you’re interested, here is the story of this wonderful Greek restaurant:

This time, however, was even more special as one member of our group (Charlie) had recently suffered a cardiac arrest where his heart had stopped, and he was celebrating his “new lease on life” as well as his 70th birthday. More on this later.

Me and Charlie

We always start the evening upstairs at the bar area with white wine that the owners have chosen for us. This time it was a couple bottles of wonderful Santorini.

Then we head down to the cellar where they have one large table surrounded by hundreds of bottles of wine from various vintages.

This is Dimitris, the youngest son of the owners. He chose the wines for us, told us stories about the wine and his family, and generally assisted us throughout the evening.

He chose these delicious wines for us, including a bottle of Champagne (which Charlie bought for us to celebrate with), to have with dinner

We all signed the bottle of Champagne for Charlie.

These are some of the dishes we had, including the very popular and very delicious octopus! My pasta with lobster tail was absolutely delicious!

After we had finished dinner, we asked Dimitris what was one of the oldest wines they had in the cellar and he told us about their1953 Chateau Canon Grand Cru from France which cost about $800. So Charlie, wanting to celebrate his second chance at life, as well as his birthday, decided to buy that bottle and share it with all of us!

In 2005 they decided to recork this bottle, probably due to the original cork deteriorating

I was truly honored to be able to taste this almost 70-year old bottle of wine and can truly attest that it was delicious, even after all these years!

After dinner, we walked over to one of the many pubs in Fells Point to continue our celebration.

What a truly fun and memorable evening it was being able to spend time with such wonderful people!

So not long after the public was let in on Saturday morning, something occurred that I hadn’t seen before at a big show like this one. The dealers who usually set up behind me hadn’t shown up so that table was vacant the entire show – except on Saturday. I notice someone had set up at that table. The guy didn’t have a case, but had spread a bunch of numismatic items, not all coins, on the table for sale, and he was sitting in the chair behind the table. Since I didn’t recognize him, I thought maybe Whitman had decided to rent out vacant tables for the day. However, I then noticed this guy didn’t have a dealer badge, which really concerned me because, even though I keep my new coins, money bag, purse, etc. in a case on my back table, it is usually unlocked when I’m at my table, but my back table backs up to that booth’s back table and I had no idea who this guy was. So I asked Lori about it and she said no, they definitely were not renting out unused tables and said she would go see what was going on. Apparently, this guy was a “squatter” and had just decided to move in and take over that table. Well, he was immediately told to pack up and leave. I don’t know whether he had to leave the show, but I was relieved they took care of it so quickly. I just shook my head at the “gall” of some folks.

So I usually head home on Saturday afternoons of the Baltimore show but I could not get an afternoon flight back to Orange County County this time so I got a flight out on Sunday morning, which meant I could stay at the show all day Saturday. Now you collectors may think that’s a good thing, but if any of you were at the show on Saturday afternoon, you would know what a ghost town a large 4-day show is on the last day. I understand that it doesn’t seem right, but most of the dealers come to these shows early in the week, and by the last day, they are exhausted and can’t wait to get home. In my case, I have always tried to get the latest flight I could on Saturday so I can stay at the show as long as possible but still get home to my family but the airlines have cut back on a lot of flights, so I stayed until the “bitter” end. The show didn’t close until 5pm, and this is what it looked like around 3pm.

Luckily, a couple of my Black Olive dealer friends were staying Saturday night as well – Karl even had the same flight back to OC as I did, so after we dropped our coins off at security, we headed out to dinner together. We went to a Lebanese restaurant that I hadn’t been to before. The food was really tasty and the wine was good as well. It was a nice way to end the week!

Sunday morning I packed up, picked up my bags at security, and headed to the airport. All went smoothly, no delays, and it was nice to be able to hang out with Karl while we waited for our flights (through Dallas) back home! Bye-bye Baltimore until next time….

Hello my beloved OC!

And my cutey-pie Penny!

Look forward to seeing those of you who can make it to the FUN show in January! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone one of you!

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